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>> and now, syndicated talk radio host, bill press contends the political right has levied baseless personal attacks that president obama that are unprecedented for the presidency. mr. price argues such attacks devalue political debate and a charge from discussion of the current political issues to face the country. this is just under an hour. [applause] [inaudible] i don't know what happened here, but a great writer himself.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] people write books for various reasons. [inaudible] -- all of you to come out tonight. i appreciate you taking your time. and i want to say hello to all of your good friends from c-span around the country and thanks to
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brian lamb for sending his crew have to take a look at my latest book, "the obama hate machine." he reminded me i did spend some time in the catholic seminary studying for the catholic priesthood that i want you to know is not part of the rick santorum catholic church. [laughter] i and part the 98.8% catholics that think the pope has followed that when it comes to time perception. and rick santorum is part of the 2%. so i just want you to know which part of the church i end up on. and you mentioned pat buchanan. as the wind for vegas this morning or this afternoon and i was therefore a big insurance convention and pat buchanan and i resurrected crossfire. 10 years ago crossfire cnn made
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one of the most decisions. it was a good show for the teen years. and the late bob novak and be with that remind me of the funniest times in crossfire for the end of six years. but i could just tell a quick story and then talk about the book. but people -- i never understood this is some of you may remember crossfire, that people thought for some reason that it was planned ahead of the time. i would always get it -- how many days at a time to decide which we'll talk about. the truth is we never do such until that morning because you want to talk about what was hot that day. the big story of the day and then people would say, who writes the script? as if. as if they could ever script us or if we ever were scripted. and some days in terms of
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choosing topics, it's pretty obvious which you want to talk about. last thursday when i talk about rush limbaugh. calling sandraa slut. there's others days or it's obvious there's other days or even a scratch your head. we have a half an hour of national television. we had one of the state figure back and we had our 9:30 conference call in and of us had a clue. so we said we'll let it float for a while. and so i went online and saw something out of kansas city and they had voted they would show every night on the city cable channel the photographs and the names of men who'd been arrested for prostitution in april 4. they had been tried, it cannot found guilty, whatever, but
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their lives are going to be destroyed. so i thought there are privacy issues. and they called back a murphy's to call back about half an hour later and said you were off to a great start. we have the reverend jerry falwell. so she says, if you think we should go to the other side and just being a i said how about a prostitute. ngo. last night she says where do i find a prostitute? they're asking me. but then i remembered coming from san francisco there was an organization called coyote. cast off your old tired ethics is the acronym for the union. coyote. they collect iud.
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sure enough we had the president of coyote. just to see her but the long red hair and bright red lips sitting alongside ms. jerry falwell was worth the price of omission. so that night pat went first. rios had a question and then to follow us. and then the other person took over. the pass as question. so do i understand it correct, are you a prostitute? and she says well, i am not going to admit they break the law can't but i'm also not going to lie on national television. that's a pretty smart and safe. pat says heavy always been a prostitute. she says no. well, what were you before you became a? she says i was a los angeles police officer. [laughter] now pack on his first question in two follow-ups.
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so it's my turn, the pat was on a roll. there is no stopping him. i didn't even try. so passman escalation. what made you change jobs? and she said, i thought i needed a more noble profession. [laughter] jerry falwell is reaching for his microphone. it was such a fun moment. pat didn't know where to go from there. but we come from a duty upon the -- [laughter] not sure what this cynically here yet, but you know, people don't come to your introductions. they also don't come to hear authors read from their books i learned a long time ago. so let me say i think you can sum up it is a very timely book. i hope you can enjoy it. i think it can be summed up in one sentence, but seldom if ever in our history have we seen such a concerted series of vicious
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personal attacks directed against any president of the united states completely funded, in this case, by a pair of brothers, big oil barons nanticoke brothers that the assistance of an all too compliant american media. and you had those three elements together and you get the obama hate machine. sidelight to say that about each of those elements in an open up for questions until c-span tells us the cameras are turned off. and you know, let's start with i hate directed against obama. first of outcome i've got to say that the criticism of any american president is fair game. i am part of the white house press corps. i go to the white house every day. would've been here today if we were coming down here. every day in front of the white
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house and pennsylvania avenue, there is a crowd of people protesting some thing. you know, i love that. i really do. i make a point of checking what they are therefore that the issue of the day is. it's a very healthy part of our democracy. and criticism of precedence has been around for long time. if you want to go back to the other's presidential campaign history of québec to 1800 john adams and thomas jefferson and angst ever said particularly by their followers, not so much the two of them about each other. but with president obama, it has been attacks on his policies so much on him as a person. and we haven't seen that, i don't believe, and it went back and did a lot of research and presidential camp gains and presidential histories. we haven't seen that severe and direct it against any president since abraham lincoln. we think of lincoln of course
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says saint abraham. he wasn't out of that way during his lifetime. it was only after he was assassinated. when he came to washington, he was introduced to the nation by the kentucky statesman as follows. abraham lincoln is the man about to medium-high. he has a six apart by an inch or two. he is, shambled payday, bowlegged, pigeon toed, lopsided , a shapeless skeleton and a very tough, very dirty, unwholesome skin. his lips were to be on the national level of the face, but are pale and smeared tobacco juice. his teeth are filthy. meet your new president of the united states. [laughter] at the same time, another paper published this profile of mr. lincoln. mr. lincoln stands six feet tall
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in his socks, which she changes once every 10 days. [laughter] his anatomy is composed mostly of bones and when walking, he resembles the offspring of a happy marriage between a derek and a windmill. his head is shaped everything like a rutabaga. he can hardly be called handsome, though he is certainly much better looking since he had the smallpox. [laughter] yeah, all right. flash forward, right clicks president obama called a racist, a marxist, fascist, dictator, muslim. that is not meant as a positive term, by the way. men of faith, muslim being a terrorist. a foreigner,, rush limbaugh called them that. a liar.
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and a socialist. there is the succession with obama as a person does for others, and the book the other reign of president obama. they have to prove that he is not like us. and some of it, not all that to some of it of course is the color of his skin. he is black and we are way. he's an african-american president, but also he is not a sure american. the whole per certificate nonsense also shows that he is again something different, something else, something foreign. it is really the succession to say, to try to destroy president barack obama personally. david horowitz, one of the most conservative commentators out there he himself calls it the obama derangement syndrome. so they just can't help themselves. i don't know how many of you heard about this. it goes on.
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last week the leading federal judge in montana sends out an e-mail on his official judicial e-mail account to his friends this joke about little barack obama asking his mommy, why am i black and you are way? as she says far i know that your father, i'm surprised he didn't bark. he does on his official e-mail. he said i don't usually send jokes to friends like this, but i thought this one was particularly funny. i mean, that is how sick these people are and that is what we have seen over and over again again directed nasa match against -- you can disagree with president obama's health plan that wasn't strong enough or that its government takeover of health care. you can disagree with him on taxes or whatever, but this is against him personally and tries
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to discourage and discredit him personally. and it's not just fox news. it is out there because of a couple of people that most americans have never heard of. the famous coat brothers, charles and david côte. and again, we have seen corporate sponsored attacks against presidents before particular i found two of them franklin noted delivers about anna du pont's brothers and there were three of them at the time. they actually banded together, put their money together called the liberty league to deny ascii other a second term. and then the bill clinton of course is richard mellon skates, who funded all of the investigations that led to paula jones on and on and the articles in the american state theater. but nothing compared to the money and the organization that we have seen on charles david
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polk. who bar the heads of coke industries, they are at the third and fourth richest man in america and the people of america, both men. and we know about locates and warren buffett. these are number three and number four. combined wealth of $50 billion. they have put more money -- by the way, i have to say this. they do some good things, particularly david cook was the wealthiest man in new york city. he thought michael bloomberg was. no, it's david côte. but he funds the master poets and not try. the metropolitan museum of art, cancer research centers around the country. but most of their money goes into political activities. and they are everywhere. the heritage foundation in washington d.c., coke brothers. the cato institute when it started, coke others. some of you may know that the
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cato when it's done independently in the coat others are now suing the cato institute to get it back to be a totally controlled coat brothers operation. americans for prosperity is the most active political organization today, all funded by the co-brothers. freda marks, dick armey's organization. john kasich of ohio, coke brothers brought stock. same with scott walker in wisconsin. everywhere in california couple years ago there is a measure prop 23 in the ballot to repeal the new clean car standards put in by arnold schwarzenegger that measure to repeal those standards, which last totally funded by the coat weathersbee legislation west virginia to overturn the new mining safety rules put in place after that last mining disaster.
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the effort to overturn mining safety regulations funded by the coat or theirs. i have in the book of peach with 53 different organizations. a lot of them by the way a research centers on college campuses around the country at all for the purpose of disputing the existence of global warming and fighting to do away with any government regulations that don't have anything to do with climate control. to be seven organizations i able to find that are either partially or totally funded at the coat brothers. it is so great that someone has called them to coke to posts. think about those arms that they are. they don't do it alone. they get up there twice a year with their corporate buddies from around the country and raise money for right-wing political causes. two days before the book came out i was so happy this happened
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because i could tell people, you see, not exaggeration. two days before the book came out they had their latest in palm springs and i'll tell you is there. sheldon nielsen was there. their meetings are routinely attended by republican governors. casey, walker, chris christie, bob mcdonnell from virginia. i'm sure rick scott. they've all been there. supreme court justices. scalia, alito, they've all been there to their meetings with these corporate chieftains. the just a month or so ago they raised $100 million in one weekend to defeat barack obama this year for president. think about that. if you look at the super pack for romney and santorum and ron paul and newt gingrich up until super tuesday they had spent a total for the candidates of
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$53 million am not one week and they raised hundred million dollars. so they say and do anything. of course it'. so they are huge. they were out there they will say and do anything. of course it's a lot easier for them now since citizens united has used not only raise unlimited corporate money but she don't have to report each corporations are paying which builds. but they also could not do it without the assistance of the nation's media. and that is what drives me crazy. i see it every day and night scene for a variety of reasons but i see some of it is to budget cutbacks and newspapers were just don't have as many people as they had to do some good independent investigative reporting. but some of this is just because they are lazy and they don't want to do the work and instead they just take the lines fed to them and turn around and repeat them.
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listen to this from walter cronkite appeared just before he died. cronkite said, what do i regret? well, i regret that in our attempt to establish some standard, we didn't make them stay. we couldn't pass -- we couldn't find a way to pass our standards on to another generation. it's not sad? and that is where we are today. and you know, i see it every day, even at the white house can which is supposed to be the best of the best. classic example, john boehner is out there all the time, does it all the time and says the stimulus did not create one single job. as john boehner has been to iowa hominy ribbon cuttings in his own district for new projects that are funded by recovery dollars and yet he says vista. and so i've heard this
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happening. a reporter will ask a question. well, john boehner says the stimulus didn't create one single job. he says this is not true. look at the congressional budget office. they put daddy, added that the jobs but the 2.3 million jobs due to stimulus dollars. and so what is the story? white house and boehner disagreed over and had a stimulus. instead of chasing boehner is lying through his teeth. i mean, seriously. it's not even worth repeating. yesterday i was in my stake is. ed henry, now fox news, says so mr. president, republicans say that she would actually want gas prices to go up? how do you respond to that? you know, what a piece of shit.
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seriously dude think anyone who's running for reelection at as the president of the united states want gas prices to go up? let's get real here, which is a nice way of looking to see what it question. but just the idea they would repeat the question is your time, with america time, repeating those lines. that is what passes the day unfortunately for journalism and certainly not good journalism. look at all the attention that is still being paid to the debate over the president's bursar ticket with joe r. piatt the sheriff in arizona now launching a new investigation that people are actually reporting it. why? it total nonsense. not worth it. pardon me, those are the three
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elements of the book quickly. you can come back to any of them in your questions. again the book with a chapter, which will probably be totally ignored. and that is a plea for at least consideration of the return to some level of stability in american politics. and i say this not as a or worse. i've had a lot of fun and made a good bleeding debating the issues on television. i love it. i was the more aggressive, defaced or in a sense, the better and i've been against some of the very best. i mentioned earlier. but for example, in my time across, and six years of "crossfire" we had a rule that you gave it your all and argued your best, but she didn't get
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personal. and in six years, their attorneys said to have been. one with bob novak. our member each of those times. as soon as the lights went out, we realized we'd cross the line. alito is wrong. we got together on both occasions instead, no, no, that was a mistake. that was too bad. we talked about it we both agreed novak had one that we couldn't let that happen. life is too short, the show was too short and the issues are too important. that is not the way it is in washington today. and i think we've got to get back to those kinds of days. one time or early in my career was a lobbyist in sacramento for an environmental organization. now i was in a lobbyist in this sense it is they are trying to get people to vote for our environmental legislation but i didn't have any money. i couldn't write checks, couldn't go to fundraisers or
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whatever. but nonetheless i'm proud to tell you i was voted one of the 10 most effective lobbyists in sacramento that particular year. i was a lobbyist and the senators who voted for me, republican senators said he knows how to disagree agreeably, which i thought was a real badge of honor. so i would like to hope and think we can go back to the day when you fought like during a political campaign for your site and your people and beliefs in college and when it is over, there is a one, a loss of the got it together and said we are in this together. the american people want us to figure out what the problems are and how we will fix them and what together to resolve them. that is the way it used to be. that's not the latest in washington today. we've got to get back in our political dialogue. and i felt kind of hopeful about
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that until the book came out and i started getting e-mails in response to the book. [laughter] one of which i will share with you in closing, which is dear bill press can you obviously a radical leftist and one of obama's useful idiots. personally, i do not hate obama, but i do hate what he is trying to do to america. he is a nice lump, a marxist, and i thought liar and a superb con man and you are either a blind fool, a paid ascus there or simply a secure read/write are trained to stir shit just at the stink would gain you some small amount of recognition. you are pathetic and a disgrace to real american patriots. to the world a favor and go kill yourself. and it is signed fairly, bob
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stogner. well, sincerely bob, i'm not going anywhere. i am here to say. [applause] thank you for being such a fun group. so anything else? anything i type it out, anything you want to know about the book or anything in the news today or whatever. yes, sir, you were here early. i saw you here at 6:00. wanted to be sure to get a good seat. i want to be sure that the c-span window is still open. do not welcome at my one question is why obviously do you mention a lot about all of these -- idea mac [inaudible] other times who wish abundance
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of could do more to address these attacks quite i do note that most of the time he's actually able to stay calm, which is one of his best qualities. >> i have to tell you, i am amazed about how it thick-skinned president obama is really. of course he has been taking the erez a lot of time in history as a state senator, sender and now as president. and there are times i wish president obama would get up and say what do you mean? and take on rush limbaugh or michael savage or any of these others who are part of the hate machine. that would be a big mistake on his part because the last thing that we need and it's the last thing that he needs.
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he keeps his dignity, which i admire and he doesn't stoop to their level. and so, he leaves it up to you and me to fight back. and i think, by the way, that is very, very important. think of three important that we speak up and say hey, as badly a lot of advertisers did this week on rush limbaugh and i've made them so much. the count is up to 45 companies now. [applause] and that is related. it is the market working. these are companies like sleep train. i had no idea what their political philosophy is. same thing with quicken loans or profilers. these are just good american companies to make a products
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introduces the american people. they don't want to be identified with a like rush limbaugh. that is the market working. the people really spoke out instead week, no. let's put it this way. most americans within notable silence at the republican candidates for president or the republican leaders in the united states congress who didn't say a peep about rush limbaugh because they are afraid of them, because he's the leader of the republican party. remember a couple years ago michael steele, the head of the dnc when he criticized rush limbaugh had to go on limbaugh's show and apologize for daring to criticize him. rnc. [laughter] thank you. so anyways, i think it is up to
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us to speak out an answer back to rebut the lies, refused the lives and i love doing it for three hours every morning on the radio and pretty soon on television. >> everyone is entitled to their own opinion. >> i don't know about that. >> i personally look at the gop and right-wing behavior as treasonous because there's selling out our plan and possibly our civilization. dessert air country and i look at -- i think that, you know, their fathers, mothers, grandparents and they're basically selling out their children as to what i want to know is when the cameras aren't on in the press room at the white house or wherever you might hang out with the media, does this ever come out with
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people that deal with it on an emotional level when they are really angry at the gop for what they are doing to what they're going to leave their children? because we have, for instance when they talk about all the worried that it doesn't exist, so therefore they let the coat brothers and the gop campaigns just clutter our environmental regulations. >> well, let me say this. i believe climate change, global warming is the most important issue facing humankind and i do think we are in the process of destroying the planet by ignoring it and ignoring all the signs and the irrefutable evidence for not doing anything about it. at the same time, i would stop short of calling people, even a guy like jim and sloth -- he
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just wrote this book the great hopes. he just wrote this book the great hopes. but then i would stop short of calling intrusiveness just because they say the same thing about that sometimes god that we don't but then i would stop short of calling intrusiveness just because they say the same thing about that sometimes god that we don't support the iraq war or were not true americans come as a kind of like to keep the debate inside the boundaries of people who want to do was press for the country, but to think but are just dead wrong. you can call and not. but it's my way of saying i'm not going to. in direct response to your question, not so much. i mean, there are some people in the media were passionate about the issues and have their strong beliefs and they are friends of mine. several of them in the newsroom. we sort of huddled together. but you know, so many of the
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others, they are either -- they either don't care i find or they feel that their job is just to be relentlessly neutral to the point i think sometimes that they are blind in their own concerns. and that is part of the problem that i see in the media today. i think sometimes you just got to call it one it is. >> your boat points out the instability towards obama and i hear in the news constantly and recently about the moderates on the other side being a prime example that it isn't the collegiality it used to be. it isn't the way people could negotiate formally and arrive at a compromise. so where we begin the congress
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or the asylum to the inmates click >> yes. there is a question of leaving the assam to the inmates with more and more people like olympia snow stepping down. let's face it. she's a good person. i'd rather have a democrat. i'd rather have a democrat from maine and olympia snowe, but she's the kind of person i think we need who is at least willing to work with people across the aisle. not in every case, but on a lot of important issues she has proven to be. and i think people, not that you compromise your principles, but you recognize you get something done and there are times when you have to make a deal with people on the other side for us to have gridlock, which is what we have today. what i fear is there are more people like olympia snowe who are going to walk away from the process rather than stay there and try to fix it.
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and the more that happens, the worse things get. you know what it all started are not the only one who says this. neil abercrombie, i heard him give a great speech or month or so ago at the democratic governors association. there used to be this collegiality, stability to a together until new gingrich became speaker and that is when i started. and if you go back, and fat i give the list. newt actually published a list of words for its members. these are the words you use when you talk about republicans. trustworthy, whatever. boy scout words in these are the words you use if you're attacking the democrats. lazy, un-american. and for him, it was 24/7
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campaigning. you never abandon your campaign mode. even after the campaign was over. and that has remained that way today. and the worst of the worst or the tea partiers. you know, boehner would make the deal. i mean, for me that would say something nice. he is at that old school, but he wouldn't know it because he's not in charge right now. she's totally, totally being led around by the tea party freshmen who are no compromise, not with republicans, not with democrats. but i was in college they used to call this connor democrats because we better go off the cliff than what we believe in that win an election. i was one of those who would vote for hubert humphrey and
11:39 am
didn't. so we got richard nixon. that was smart. last night's >> do you see a challenge coming to the supreme court's ruling on corporations that people click >> well, the question is whether there is a possible challenge coming to the supreme court and citizens united corporations of people. i think so and i'll tell you what i base it on is one of my heroes, rush michael i had on my radio show last week. rush michael is the only senator and a peach react and i love him. of not rushmore for that. and of course, he's really appalled at what is happening today with more corporate money, more soft money than ever before and more secret money than every
11:40 am
e. fuller. and rest thinks that it's backfiring, but republicans now realize they have unleashed a monster in the super packs are killing them. this is a super pack collection. this is not being run by this election and come by candidates. it is being run by anyone -- rick santorum is an exception in missouri and standing behind him is oster freed -- i love that name. [laughter] and you see there's no question between the candidate and the super pack. last night after one of our camps on the radio show told us his victory party in atlanta last night, the guy who runs a super pack is supposed to have nothing to do with what the campaign doing this onstage with newt gingrich at his victory
11:41 am
party. so i think they're realizing now and i'm quoting now -- feingold. he believes there are people in the supreme court to save my god, maybe we went too far. [applause] [inaudible] >> the challenge would have to come from some candidates. it could come from common cause or if you come from leadership conference to pass a bill that would overturn it unless someone build. it could come from the attorney general. they are very sweet to cook affected the course. it's either the congress or the courts. >> your point on nacchio is well taken that since i heard on npr that the attacks became so prolific that a conspiracy was
11:42 am
developed to form a coup with the business were looking for a general elite in the military coup to put them out of office and is only by the grace of the general that he turned the men and their charges conspiracy and so forth get what you think a longtime implication a just a spending habits and elections are quakes and do you think he needs a summer intern? [laughter] >> is that a paid or unpaid intern? the nike is making a pitch for an intern on a radio show. >> i live here, but i can knows.
11:43 am
>> well, let's talk. we have been talking with our new tv responsibilities were going to need some more help around the office, so maybe we can talk about that. i didn't know about the military coup. but i love about, back to your question about maybe let president obama should do. fdr is no shrinking violet when he came to the system and his reelection campaign he went and had a big rally at madison square garden india think i'm quoting the peach girl just read it. but anyhow, if deer keep the great speech where he said, i joined my first term. i am proud to say that the corporate vocals or whatever,
11:44 am
that their match. and then he said, and i hope that in my second term the corporate vocals can meet their master. [laughter] we need more of that. >> what do we do to demand higher quality recordings from the press and had there been any movements to boycott coke brother products? >> you know, there have been efforts to avoid the coat for their projects to start the first. the problem is, there are so many of them but it's almost impossible to live without. at the risk of saying what i would never do i'll read a little from the book. this is from the weekly standard, a conservative right wing magazine talking about the
11:45 am
coat others influence. you wake up in the morning, turn on the light using electricity generated by natural gas, the coke industry is discovered to be delivered to the power plant. you get out of bed. you drink from a paper cup manufactured by coke. you use the coke paper towel to clean up water spill from the copycat drafted for microproducts by coke. all the materials in your house have been made by coke i've been getting 28 car powered by coke industries on and on and on. because they are everywhere. that is the problem. the first by the question i asked about the media. i wish i knew. well, i would say the best thing to do is to support the people who make an effort to sell it straight and sober truth.
11:46 am
the support current keeping, support msnbc. if you are not put to sleep by it, support npr. [applause] i think where competitors. no, absolutely support npr and others, some of the morning shows. i love all things considered. and so, there are some good things out there in the best thing to do is support them and whatever you do, don't watch fox. >> i apologize. what is your show? your radio show? >> i am bill press. my show is the bill press show. and you can find it on the
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serious xm. aside from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. east coast time monday through friday. frankly and unfortunately in this area there is no local station. that is my last book and it is you're talking about my last book. there are 2000 new stations in this country. there are 60 that are progressive. all the rest are 1940 or a right wing all the time. so there are a lot of markets where we are not in. local progressive stations. but the best way to get it is to go online to build and you cannot only listen to the show, you can video screen to show and soon you'll be let's see the show on current tv every morning. yes, sir, hi.
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>> high, despite all the signatures. >> how are you doing on time? 10 minutes left? >> despite all the signatures against governor walker of wisconsin, krinsky said that he's going to survive. to think that would be possible? >> i don't think scott walker survives. i think they needed roughly 500,000 signatures. they got over a million. and turn them in. you figure, you know, if you look at the electorate and wisconsin come you don't need money more than it and 3 billion a half to win. i miss people will come out and vote against scott walker. and there's more and more evidence, to get his campaign is being entirely funded by the coat others were very much hated in wisconsin because of the role they play in the legislation to
11:49 am
take collective bargaining away from all public employees in wisconsin. if you listen to the show tomorrow morning, john nichols who is the washington correspondent for the nation magazine lives in madison. he's a great guy. he sort of the go to guy in wisconsin. john nichols is convinced the recall is going to work in scott walker will be out of office. i'm just hoping russ feingold runs for governor. [applause] [inaudible] >> the question is -- i think what has happened in madison, wisconsin has spread across the country and revitalizing the grassroots force in progressive causes around the country. people see that you can really make a difference. but, chris christie was going this direction. john kasich and they were all, by the way, coordinating and working together. thank you.
11:50 am
and what happened to scott walker put the fear of god until the rest of them. absolutely. it was a tremendous turnout in madison. very exciting. >> let's think about eichin influence on american politics. american legislative -- >> i'm sorry. the american legislative exchange council i believe is what it stands for. it is one of the coat others organization that she probably never heard about. most people haven't. what they do is write model legislation for state legislatures and there are many, many cases where the legislatures, for example, at another proper word to call this, ugly legislation passed in virginia.
11:51 am
it's things like that to do a writeup and then they send them to the states and state legislators will take this staff. with no research of their own, not try to adapt to do any particular steve and just basically xerox said and introduce it in the legislature. most people have never heard of them before. they operate entirely below the radar. but they are turning out right-wing legislation all the time. he also has unsettled judges training center in the midwest somewhere, where they bring judges and say, here are the issues and this is the way you want to on these issues. you can document. cases where these judges go back to their own state in these cases, then they take the ruling handed down by the coke brothers and that's the way they rule. i mean, i'm telling you, it's very, very scary operation out
11:52 am
there. we'll go very quickly. >> you mentioned before the republicans raised a hundred billion dollars. >> in one weekend. the coke others did. understand, that is independent of what the super pack is the republican party, the chamber of commerce's reasoning. >> where is that going to go and how fat is will it be? republicans have seen a major opportunity here in a president that is not so well liked and they shoot themselves in the foot, don't you think? >> well, this money will go into keeping commercials against barack obama and maybe some of it into some republican senatorial contests. their goal obviously is to keep the house, think back and take away. but we may not be able to track it. where it goes or who is spending
11:53 am
it because of citizens united. >> yes, one of your chapter titles designed the obama books club. i think we have to get into that here. what is your take in all those books come in the best and worst of them. >> i didn't mention that, but just for your information, there have been more hate books written against barack obama. 65 of them. i'd like a one paragraph summary of them written against barack obama in his first three years in office all contained here. 65. this time and george bush is president d., i think it was three or five. just to show you to kind of put things in there. i am not recommending buying any one of those books. i just wanted you to know they are out there and i'm sure most
11:54 am
of them didn't even make it in the door. i think we have one minute less. don't be nervous now. the pressure is on. this is the last question. >> i just wanted to ascii ascii i thought elizabeth warren would do in massachusetts. she's such a well spoken person. >> i am sure of the elizabeth warren fan club. >> me too. [applause] i think she is great. i am disappointed that president obama did not name her head at the consumer finance protection bureau. they didn't go along with the next guy either. he could've appointed elizabeth warren by recess appointment. i'm sorry that he didn't, but to have elizabeth warren is the next united states senator from
11:55 am
massachusetts i will forgive barack obama. it's not going to be easy. scott brown is a good candidate and a tough candidate. she is now a little bit behind. i have faith in the people of massachusetts and icy but elizabeth warren would be in the united states senate and that is my prayer as was my hope. and you should, too. thank you so much. [applause] >> is very nonfiction author of book you'd like to see featured on booktv? send us an e-mail at or tweaked us at >> jim blakely is the communications director for the institute. first of all, what is the heartland institute.
11:56 am
>> the heartland institute is a premarket think tank based in chicago, illinois recovered domestic policy in her mission is to discover, promote and say no to the public free-market solutions to social and economic problems and we've been doing that for 28 years. >> who founded you quick >> were funded by chief h. patton who is a bigwig at the cato institute and really giant in the free-market movement. and our president of the heartland institute has been just as bad since 1984. >> you also publish books. i want to ask you a couple. let's begin by herbert walker, school choice paintings. >> one of the issues at the heartland institute has pushed for decades now his school choice in having many followed the parents and having when that happens the student achievement does rise. so her blog colliver senior fellows and board members is very anxious it in this topic
11:57 am
and is very knowledgeable. he's also a fellow at the hoover institution has written two books on school choice and we can get the public and politicians the fact about why and how school choice works for parents and for students. >> and the other but he has written about is called advancing student achievement. and is this the -- what is this one go quick >> this book is a title that suggests goes beyond just the school choice could do a general sense to raise achievement and talk some more detail about how the structures you need in place to make sure students can achieve more. it's more of a follow-on in more detail at the first book. >> another one of your foes is peter ferrara, the obamacare disaster. >> reader for a wrote this as paper that was certainly long enough for both treatment. he is a senior fellow for budget and entitlement policy at the heartland institute and he's very prolific. he was able to turn us around rather quick way.
11:58 am
it explains as the title would suggest by obamacare is a disaster both economically and for personal freedoms and for entire health care system. >> what are the benefits of being headquartered in the midwest and what are the downsides? >> the downside is we are not at washington d.c. were a friend gets lots attention and perhaps are easy to get on c-span. but we do come to washington quite often. we have an office here in washington d.c., the headquarters are in chicago. it was at the images from, you know, the hurricane of policy here in washington d.c. we were founded to concentrate on state legislators and state issues. we were the first and only now i think national state-based think tanks. we examine state policy and a farm state legislators about the issues we care about, but we also do things of national scope as it was suggests. we do look at national issues, but we also look at
11:59 am
state-by-state issues. >> another but put up by the parliament's two. the patriots toolbox. >> the patriots toback has been very popular. we put 50,000 to 70,000 copies of the book and it's really popular among tea party groups across the country. it's a compilation of the series we have called the 10 principal theories that talk about the 10 free-market principles to improve a certain policy area like tax policy or health care policy or energy policy and it really -- for the tea party movement, the heartland institute likes to offer ourselves as intellectual support for the tea party movements across the country. they love freedom, against big government. they want free markets, but they might not have it because they're not working on are not scholars. they don't have all the details why they believe what they believe in policy areas. thus at the 10 prin

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